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Erika Linder is a model and an actress. She's also an amazing human being, moving her blond hair and sweet face from Stockholm to Los Angeles.

Erika Linder in 5 words

 Dreamer, philosopher, creative, motivated, focused. 

 What's your favorite Swedish word?

 Grabben. It means “dude”. Even though I never say it in English.

 You are an actress and a model. Where lies the difference?

 There's a major difference. The work I put into a role for a film goes beyond months of work. Dedication and discipline is a key factor. Normally when you go to set for a photo shoot, you’re spoiled and you just “show up”, work the hours and then you’re done. With acting it’s different. I normally study months ahead of a project to really get into character and then I constantly work with the writer or director or the other actors on set. I mean, you’re playing a different person than yourself, or at least a different version of yourself. It’s a challenging and hard process to act, but yet so fun. Modeling is hard within itself and there are a lot of challenges doing it, but for me, creatively, acting is more rewarding. I guess I could say that acting has been a part of my modeling career in a way by dramatically doing men’s and women’s fashion, but acting is a much more layered work of art in my book. 

 You are now living in Los Angeles. What's your feeling about that city?

 I moved to LA 5 years ago, and prior to that been going back and forth for 2 years. I just love the energy here. Everything seems possible. I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a very small country in general. Which I appreciate and I love how grounded I am because of it. I genuinely believe that people here are so happy because of the sun and the heat. It has definitely changed me for the better. I’ve always been very driven and focused, a lot of Swedish people are, and combine that with nice weather and endless possibilities, it’s a great way to live. I’m very lucky.

 What's your opinion about the "Me Too" movement?

 I don’t want to say too much about it, more than I think it’s about time something like this happened. Sexual assault is never ok and should be talked about. As long as the accusers are telling the truth, which we always have to assume and take seriously. 

 Modeling for men’s or women’s collection?

 I’ve always been way more inspired by men’s fashion and photography, especially when I started modeling. It profoundly speaks to me in a personal way. I love to do both men’s and women’s fashion, a good mix of both is necessary for my creative process and bringing something different to every thing I do. I’ve always said to myself that I don’t want to do just “one face” all the time. I’d get bored. The fact that I get the chance to do both men’s fashion and women’s fashion and everything in between is a blessing. 

 Can you describe yourself as a new gender?

 No, not really. I’ve always seen myself as a woman. At the end of the day, I’m a woman. I don’t struggle with that or trying to hide it behind my work. When I first started modeling back in 2011 and ended up on the men’s board at my agencies, that was my “thing”. That’s who I was in the industry. People want to put labels on everyone and everything, especially on gender. It makes them feel smart and safe. I just see a human being. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m a woman who has a lot of ideas and creation in my brain and am lucky enough to have an outlet for it. I love inspiring myself and others. I wanted to change things. I still do. Constantly. 

 If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

 World peace and restore all the natural habitats across the world.

 Do you believe in love?

 Yes. Love is the basic foundation of happiness. No matter how dark the world can get, I would never stop believing in love. You can’t. 

 “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” - Rumi 

  What's your favorite dream?

 Flying dreams are always my favorites. Preferably above glaciers.

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When were your born?

Was born in a tiny little town in the English Countryside called Somerbee.

 Do you feel alive?

Sometimes, depends what part of the day it is  ;-p

At what time did you wake up today?

6am - early bird catches the worm.

Do you believe in destiny?

To an extent. I believe we all can write our own destiny. 

What will you do after answering these questions?

Probably smoke a jay and play my guitar.

Do you prefer green circles or blue squares?

I'm a fan of anything blue, although I prefer the shape of a circle. 

In math, do you prefer to add or multiply?

Multiply! Make. Numbers. Big. 

If Marry Poppins was a fruit, what would she be?

She'd definitely be a good ol' sweet English plum. 

 Do you believe in life after death?

I don't know enough of anything to make a choice in what I believe after death. I'd definitely like to believe that a part of us continues on.

How much do you love LA?

Love the place, the setting, the nature, sometimes the people kinda ruin it.

Are you into coffee?

That's when I feel alive. Haha. Just kiddin, though I do enjoy a brew. 

What accent do you have?

A pretty generic English accent.

You look like Chris Isaak. Do you listen to his songs?

I have done in my time on this planet. I love it, dramatic and big gets a thumbs up.

If you had to listen to one last song…?

Time makes two by Robert Cray - what a song.

Have you kissed someone today?

No, what a shame huh?

 When were you last time in Europe?

Last year I was in England for a few months.

Do you write songs?

Yes I write a lot of songs - soundcloud.com/jjwisemusic

Do you sing under the shower?

Every single day.

Are you into musicals?

Yes, love them. Les Mis is one of my favourite things in existence.

Does Barbra Streisand mean something to you?

Not so much, more from South Park ripping her.

How about Prince?

Talented man who did what the fuck he wanted. Didn't care what people think. Wasn't a bellend. RIP Prince!

How would you describe your voice and your body?

My voice can be many things but when I sing and play guitar it's just Raw. My body is like a wonderland. 

Do you ski?

Nope, but I want to this year.

Do you surf?

A little bit, but not a regular surfer dude.

Are you in love?

What is love? Baby don't hurt me.

 You have the same name as Robert Wise who directed one of the most glorious movies ever, ‘The Sound of Music’, are you two connected?

I wish!! I'd revamp it and make a new musical movie and reignite the world’s love of classical music/singing! I'm ambitious.

Has summer started in LA?

Apparently, although the weather has been slightly schizophrenic this year.

How cold was it this winter?

Not too bad in LA, although I still wrapped up like an Eskimo. I'm allergic to the cold, makes me hibernate and become a grouchy bear. 

Do you miss rain?

I love the rain, it's one of the most beautiful types of weather. If the sun shines while it rains, it transforms the world into a fairy tale.

When was the last time you went crazy, why?

Last weekend. Needed a big blow out and to dance for 12 hours - managed to do just that :)

Do you listen to King Crimson or Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd ;-)

If you were a woman who would you chose to be?

Hilary Clinton because I'd just be on the cusp of becoming the first women president of the United States. Although my own political beliefs would align more closely with Bernie Sanders. 

 Did you smile during this interview?

Yes, several times. Especially when writing some cheeky answers.



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Your platinum hair is beautiful, it reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. Do you have Irish or Nordic blood?

No, I don't. But I do get asked that a lot.

 Do you like the snow, or is it all about the unbeatable California sun?

The cool part of California where I lived in means I get the California sun, the beaches, and also the snow. It's the best of every world.

 Do you surf?

No. But I have tried a couple times.

 How warm is it today and where are you?

It's 36degrees (Fahrenheit) and I'm in my apartment in New York. Definitely not California weather.

 Do you ski?

Yes! It's my absolute favorite winter sport.

 Any bad dreams recently or a reoccurring nightmare?

Not specifically, but I’ve been watching too much Law & Order lately so I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to get shot out of nowhere or ran over by a car. That's kind of a nightmare?

 Would you rather be Peter Pan or Robin Hood?

I was going to say Peter Pan because he gets to wear tights, but now that I think about it both of them wear tights! But I'll still stick with Peter Pan.

 I heard you were a professional gymnast. What did you love and hate the most about it?

I loved being part of the team. We were all family. We would see each other every day, travel with each other, and all compete together. I really felt part of something. I think what I hated the most was the pressure at such a young age. You are constantly pushed to learn new skills, and go to bigger competitions, and it’s a lot to handle when you're young.

 If you could choose, where would you live?

Back in California. Either a nice house in the Oakland hills or on the beach at Capitola.

 Are you more East Coast or West Coast, or is it all about the people you hang out with?

I'm so so much more west coast. People over here are weird. Haha, just kidding. It’s about the people you hang out with, but there are some significant differences between East Coast and West Coast people. It's almost like their priorities are different.

 You travel a lot. Who do you miss the most?

Oh god. That's hard. Um… probably my friends from home, Tori, Lydia, Priya, and Lauren. They'll love that I said their names.

 A favorite photographer or artist?

John Singer Sargent is my favorite artist. A literal painter. I’ve been studying him and his work since high school. I also think Harley Weir, the photographer, is extremely talented.

 What did you watch last, and did you like it?

I watched the movie "Panic Room" on the flight back to New York. I love that movie. Who doesn't love a young Jodie Foster and an even younger Kristen Stewart?!

 Have you ever dyed your hair?

Oh yes. First time I dyed my hair was in 7th grade and I have never had my natural color for longer than a year. It's always changing.

 Where will you be tomorrow?

Hmmm, I know that everyone would want to hear at some big exciting photo shoot or event, but honestly at Trader Joe's first thing in the morning, I have no food.

 Where will you be in one hour?

Williamsburg! I'm leaving after this to go meet up with some friends.

 How would you describe your body?

Well I have skin and some freckles and some hair. Yeah, that's how I would describe it.

 What are you wearing now?

A friends girl jeans and some old sweater I’ve had since high school.

 Anything you don't eat?

Chicken feet. I've tried them and I just can't do it.

 Do you like Mariah Carey?

I am Mariah Carey...

 How tall are you?


 Do you own a car?

I am a proud owner of a 2006 gold Ford focus and his name is Brad. But he's living back in California with my parents now.

 How fast did your answer these questions?

Haha, um… fairly fast!

 How fast can you run?

I think I ran a 6 minute Mile once back in school. That’s fast, right?

 Are you anxious about time passing?

Yes. The future is scary, but also so so exciting.





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Do you believe in a world where E.T. is not sent back home?

Eh I'm more of an optimist, so like E.T. I'm usually set on plans going the way I had hoped.

 Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s picture book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ tells the story of a little boy confronted with Monsters, but first he dresses as a wolf: what was your favorite costume as a child?

It's hard to choose, but it was a mixture between my Harry Potter capes or Spider-Man.

Have you cried recently and, if yes, why?

Yeah weirdly enough I did this morning. Moving to Amsterdam, and being back in NYC brought back both happy and sad memories. Sometimes I overthink and freak myself out. Times are different.

 Do you believe in ghosts or aliens?


Does the name Donald Trump remind you of the male sexual organ, the penis, and could it be that this helps his popularity?

Clearly it's the only logical explanation to his popularity.

 Who is the bigger freak, Captain Hook or Peter Pan?

Tough, but I'm going to go with Peter Pan ha. I mean he comes into kids windows at night with green tights and takes them to a place called never never land, sounds a little questionable to me. 

 Are you afraid of the dark and what is your favorite horror movie?

Not really afraid of the dark luckily, and I don't really have a favorite, but one I watched when I was like 6-7 called the Blair Witch Project left me never forgetting it. 

 Is ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ too sick to be told to children?

No I think children nowadays have a lot more to be worrying about.

 Would you enjoy lunching with Pamela Anderson?

Eh well I wouldn't say no if she asked.

 Or would you rather spend an evening with Norman Bates (from ‘Psycho’ or from ‘Bates Motel’)?

Definitely Norman Bates. But would it be in his mindset of him or his mother is the question... The first time I watched that movie I was mind fucked.

If you had to walk to the centre of the Earth, would you pack sunglasses?

Never a bad idea to have sunglasses.

 Do you find Captain Jack Sparrow well dressed, possibly cute or of zero interest?

If you're asking if I'd sleep with him, then the answer is yes. 

 Can you both spend hours watching series and live, or are series making life bigger?

Personally there's every so often I'll binge watch a series if it's good enough, but to be honest it's not really productive.

 Are you haunted by a memory in particular?

Well my first summer job I had when I was like 14 was cutting down bushes and trees for this older lady my father knew. One day I was minding my business, cutting off a branch and I snake fell from one of the branches above and landed right on my shoulder. I flung it off, ran to the porch and stayed there in panic until my dad picked me up. Let's just say snakes aren't my favorite reptile because of it.

 Can you imagine Inspector Gadget making out with Donald Duck?

Anythings possible. But I'm pretty sure there's a law against it though haha.

 Did someone ever read you ‘Cinderella’?

Nah, i actually don't ever think I even watched the movie. But my sisters always watched 'A Cinderella story' with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray, and I was secretly into it.

 Do you find inspiration in ‘Mad Men’ or is it just too painfully retro?

I only watched it once or twice, but I was kind of stoned so I never got into it.

Could the word ‘season’ have the same meaning in fashion and in series, or is this question just too lame?

Yes same meaning and yes too lame.

 In ‘24H’, isn’t Mr Sutherland a bit overstressed and the whole story a bit too serious? Is fashion that serious or stressful?

I can tell you like movie references by the end of this interview haha. I think fashion is taken sometimes TOO serious, I think the important thing is just to stay true to yourself and don't wear things just because it's a trend or in season; Wear it because you feel comfortable and confident.


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In math, do you prefer to add or multiply?


Ice-cream or strawberry pie?

Strawberry pie

Do you do drugs?

YES! But technically almost everyone does since tobacco and coffee are classified as drugs aswell

How much sleep do you need?

8 hours

Who was your first crush?

Probably the kindergarten teacher or a friend of my sister

Do you know how many times you have fallen in love?

Not really, who counts that?

Have you cried this week?

No, boys don’t cry

Do you believe in Jesus Christ resurrecting?


Do you eat meat?

Yes, but I’m eating vegetarian a lot

Do you listen to Mariah Carey?

Christmas forces me to

Are you shy?

Not really, although I can have my awkward moments

Have you seen the movie 'Back to the Future'?


When have you shaved last?


Who's your hero?

Margriet Jacobs! My mom is the best and she’s always there for me when I need her

Do you play tennis?


Have you died your hair, this week?


Do you prefer circles or squares?


When is your birthday?

17 February 1996

How many best friends do you have?

Since only one can be the best, only one. But I love all my friends

Do you wear shorts?


Have you ever slept in a desert?


Would you prefer dining with Rihanna or lunching with Steve Carell?

Why is Steve Carell even an option in this question?

Where did you lose your virginity? 

On a bathroom at a friend of mine. Very romantic! 

What's your favorite in milkshakes?


 Beatles or Stravinsky?

The Beatles

How tall are you?


Do you think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will never divorce?

I don’t know! I don’t care!

What's your favorite color?


Have you changed your own name?


Will you marry?

For now I don’t, marriage is a thing of the past in my opinion.. But then again, I’m only 19




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Some people say Lou Reed wrote his song "Perfect Day" about heroin.

Describe your perfect day ? 

All we need is a beach , a blunt & a burrito.

Do you believe in monogamy, or do you think monogamy is monotony ?

We are monogamous—not because of any belief system, but just because it's what feels right for us.

I think if we found that to be monotonous, we wouldn't still be dating after 4 years.

Do you have any other sexual fetishes ?

Love and Affection.

What are your opinions about narcissism? Do you think that we now live in a narcissistic culture ?

Can narcissism be a good thing ?

It's pretty undeniable that America has produced a narcissistic culture—Especially now that smartphones exist, technology is facilitating a really

self-involved way of living. Can it be a good thing? Maybe in certain creative senses... but narcissism is ultimately pretty boring, I think ...

What are some of your favourite films ?

C : Daisies, Christiane F, Sleepaway Camp, Benny's Video, Scream 4, The Lego Movie...

J : Brüno, Totally Fucked Up, Natural Born Killers, Inland Empire, Tree of Life...

Do you ever have hallucinations or cosmic experiences when you have sex together when you're high ? 

Pot is definitely an aphrodisiac, but the weed in NYC isn't strong enough for cosmic experiences... But you should send us whatever you're smoking dude.

Do you ever have group sex when you're high ?

C : Group sex isn't something we're looking for in general.

J : Besides, an orgy sounds like it'd be terrible stoned. Like, dealing with all those genitals would get so overwhelming and

then you'd all probably just get lazy and go get pizza instead.

What is the girthiest blunt you've ever smoked ?

Shout out Miley Cyrus, she rolls the fattest blunts in America. 

After you use an apple bong, can you still eat the apple ?

C : Yeah but why would you ?

J : Actually I always eat the apple... blame the munchies I guess.

What are your favourite marijuana-themed movies ?

All time best is Smiley Face by Gregg Araki.

Have you ever seen the film Last Summer, directed by Katy Perry's uncle Frank Perry ? It has the best marijuana smoking scene

I've ever seen.  

No but we did watch the Katy Perry documentary really high it was hilarious.

Are you big fashion icons now? Would you ever amble down a catwalk smoking a spliff ? 

We asked to at the VFiles show, honestly. they didn't let us.

Would you ever do marijuana porn ? If so, call me.  

C : The video "420" we made for Purple Magazine is pretty close... 

J : I think the world needs an iconic homo-stoner porn, and Bruce LaBruce is the man to make it!

If you actually approached us with that, it would be hard to turn it down.

How did you get to be so cute ?????

Drink lots of water and dress like shit...




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