Almine Rech brings together a series of works by two Brussels based artists, which both of them created in California in the aftermath of a mutual trip along the West Coast’s national parks.

 Jeap-Baptiste Bernadet’s Black Paintings are composed of a diluted mix of black and coloured paint, spread across the canvas with a sheet of paper, while Benoît Platéus’ negative sculptures form when horizontal layers of pigmented resin in vivid colours are poured into empty chemicals containers.

 Both series depend on a degree of randomness and unpredictability in the act of making to reveal a landscape of endless variations in colour and textured surfaces, open to projection and interpretation

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet and Benoît Platéus – Sea Level

Almine Rech Gallery


8.1.2016 – 23.1.2016



Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery.

Photography by Melissa Castro Duarte.


/ by Kim Poorters /