Almine Rech


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet opens tonight at Almine Rech Gallery with what appears to be no less than 3 exhibitions, centred around an impressive panorama of 12 colourful, site-specific paintings in the artist’s Fugue series.

 The sequence of rooms that form the gallery has been slightly altered on the artist’s request to visually separate three distinct sets of works, linked by a common use of a limited palette of vibrant primary colours, a large format, and a notion of ‘controlled chance’ in the process of creation, final selection, and presentation as a series. Through the layering of colour, material and technique the artist achieves a remarkable depth that draws in the viewer, both in the opening series of circular works composed of glazed enamel on lava-stone, the panorama of celebrated Fugue paintings, and a third, yet title-less series of canvases shown here for the first time.

Tonight’s opening at Almine Rech is one of several on the occasion of Brussels’ Gallery Night during which a number of galleries opens to the public on the occasion of this weekends’ Art Brussels and Independent events.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet – So Far, So Close

Almine Rech Gallery


20.4.2016 – 28.5.2016



Untitled (Fugue), 2016 © Jean-Baptiste Bernadet. Courtesy the artist and Almine Rech Gallery.

Details – Jean-Baptiste Bernadet for The Word Magazine.



/ by Kim Poorters /


Almine Rech brings together a series of works by two Brussels based artists, which both of them created in California in the aftermath of a mutual trip along the West Coast’s national parks.

 Jeap-Baptiste Bernadet’s Black Paintings are composed of a diluted mix of black and coloured paint, spread across the canvas with a sheet of paper, while Benoît Platéus’ negative sculptures form when horizontal layers of pigmented resin in vivid colours are poured into empty chemicals containers.

 Both series depend on a degree of randomness and unpredictability in the act of making to reveal a landscape of endless variations in colour and textured surfaces, open to projection and interpretation

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet and Benoît Platéus – Sea Level

Almine Rech Gallery


8.1.2016 – 23.1.2016



Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery.

Photography by Melissa Castro Duarte.


/ by Kim Poorters /