// DRIFT //

David Zwirner opens later this week with an exhibition centered around a group of twenty-two paintings by Belgian artist Raoul De Keyser which were completed shortly before his death in October 2012.Known as The Last Wall, the series is shown here in its entirety for the first time.

 Revisiting some major themes that occupied the painter throughout his career, such as the landscape of the Belgian lowlands, the inconspicuous things at hand, and the partition of the picture plane, the works remain formally and materially restrained in their colourful compositions, subtly evocative and at once straightforward and cryptic, abstract and figurative.


Raoul De Keyser - Drift

David Zwirner

New York

18.3.2016 – 23.04.2016



© Raoul De Keyser. Courtesy David Zwirner and Zeno X Gallery.



/ by Kim Poorters /