D+T Project Gallery presents the latest works by Sébastien Bonin in which the Brussels based artist continues to explore the limitless levels of reading related to the stories associated with the Native American Navajo society.

 Through the photographic technique of the photogram Bonin focuses on the essence of the pattern-design in the Navajo’s unique clothing – the colours and the structure – to create complex geometric compositions by projecting luminous rays of light onto photographic paper through a set of colourful gelatine filters.

 The final images, hand cut and with visible traces of fixing lines and scotch, are enclosed in raw, untreated and stained brass frames, reminiscent of the material used by the Navajo to manufacture their jewellery.

Sébastien Bonin - Kledze Hatal

D+T Project Gallery


17.3.2016 – 7.5.2016



© Sébastien Bonin. Pictures by Ludovic Beillard Courtesy the Artist & D+T Project Gallery.



/ by Kim Poorters /