David Alexander Flinn’s new exhibition at FHF’s north gallery is a journey through Dreams, Tears and Fears. The installations are immediately eye-catching and bring out a deep systematism, detailed and careful engagement; the whole work tainted with humor, vibrancy and provocative audacity. 

David describes his Dreams, Tears and Fears as

” an exploration of the spaces in our contemporary narrative of fiction and reality, the borders and the blurred lines between what is true and what is perceived. Who is who, what is what and why is it so? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it ever happen? What are our guidelines for a contemporary existence? 

Dreams are a glance into our subconscious often forgotten or misinterpreted by our awakening. Within life's new parameters, is reality a dream? Where have our dreams gone? Are they our nightmares? Where do we live and how?

The only thing we are left with is our nature and our tears, whether joyful or sorrowful. What is left that is "real" is our emotional experience.

Sweet dreams”


87 Rivington st, NY .

07/09/17- 15/10/17


by Xavier Bourgeois / 


In collaboration with the J. Paul Getty Museum, the LACMA presents The Perfect Medium, a major retrospective examining the work and career of Robert Mapplethorpe with over 300 of the artist’s works on view.

0rganized in five thematic sections and galleries, the travelling exhibition brings an overview of Mapplethorpe’s early drawings and collages of the late 60’s, his first Polaroids of the 70’s pointing out a recurring interest in the (self-) portrait, from the provocative glimpse he offered throughout the 70’s and 80’s into an urban gay culture and an intriguing community of fetish and nudity, to the commissioned portraits from the mid 80’s onwards.

Rarely seen correspondence, books, and other ephemera demonstrate Mapplethorpe’s personal connections to his sitters, his ability to manage a successful studio, and his ambition to elevate photography to the status of art, and together with the works on display provide insight into such key genres as portraiture, the nude, and still life.

Independently of the exhibition but coinciding with it, HBO presents Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures, the first feature-length documentary about the artist since his death, and the most comprehensive film on his life and work to date.

Robert Mapplethorpe - The perfect Medium

LACMA & J. Paul Getty Museum

Los Angeles

20.3.2016 – 31.7.2016


 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.


  / by Kim Poorters /

// EGOS //


A play - or rather an artistic experiment - on masculine and feminine, that balances on the edge of private and public.

Casey Spooner’s new book "Egos" proves to be an interesting study on the morphology of characters, relationships and spaces. Set in his own apartment (but, more important, in a hyper sexualised world) ‘Egos’ gives the readers the opportunity to look at the same people from completely different angles.

A reflection of narcissism, as Spooner puts it himself. In a brilliant way, we’d like to add.


Courtesy of Casey Spooner.


by Glynis Procureur /



Double beauties, Kate Moss & Daria Werbowy are the muses of the last EQUIPMENT's campaign, captured by Daria herself.

/ by Michael Marson /

// SHERO //

Pirelli shot the female hero. Once naked, now dressed in the 2016 Pirelli calendar. The shero is here to stay. She was admired for her measurements. She will be known for her achievements. The shero is on fire. She inspires an uprising we are invited to join. There is no stopping her.

May the force be with us.

©Annie Leibovitz / Courtesy of Pirelli


/ by Rémy Russotto /





Legendary photographer Bill Henson has released a new book featuring a collection of previously unseen photographs taken in 1976.

The series shows Henson’s recognised and celebrated style, capturing the delicacy, magnetism and celestial nature of the ballerinas, that is both bewitching and disturbing. When photographing the dancers, Henson found himself fascinated by the faces, which were ‘lost to the world, absorbed in the dance’. He was drawn to the idea of a spirit of an individual in a space.

Particle Mist by Bill Henson is available now, published by Stanley/Barker.


/ by Michael Marson /


Alexandra Beirnaerdt is a real art and fashion aficionado and for the last 20 years she has been involved in a creative partnership focusing on reflection, conception and creating visibility.

This partnership resulted in a large number of successful campaigns in the most diverse areas and today she adds another string to her bow by combining the photographic works of two artists, Ruben Tomas (US) and Gert Motmans (BELGIUM), into one exhibition "Step One".



Step One

Opening / 26 November 2015  / 7.30 pm // Exhibition 27-28-29 November 2015 2pm-6pm

Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 17

2018 Antwerpen




/ by Michael Marson /





After the Royal Academy’s 2014 ‘The Lost Album’ exhibition, Paris based gallery Thaddaeus Ropac draws our well-deserved attention to a lesser-known aspect of the creative production of Hollywood’s enfant terrible, the late Dennis Hopper.

At the centre of the exhibition sits a selection of 35 vintage photographic prints signed by Hopper, all of which were taken between 1962 and 1967, one of the most creative periods of his life. 

Dennis Hopper – Icons of the Sixties

Gallerie Thaddaeus Ropac


21.10.2015 – 9.1.2016


 / by Kim Poorters /




// YOUTH HOTEL by Gosha Rubchinskiy //

A portrait of Russia's next generation, the new book YOUTH HOTEL by Russian designer/photographer  Gosha Rubchinskiy  comes in a limited edition run by IDEA books.


Youth Hotel ll be out on October the 15th @  Dover Street Market London, NYC, Tokyo and Paris. 


All images are courtesy of Gosha Rubchinskiy.


Exclusive exhibition & print on sale of photographer Ian David Baker.


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