Jean Touitou publishes A.P.C. Transmission, a retrospective of the brand, personal scrapbook and visual diary with texts, invitations, postcards, campaigns, pictures of their stores and collaborations.

The A.P.C. founder describes this book as “an owner’s manual because that is what it is. You own this book now, here is how it works. First, I called the book Transmission for a very simple reason. I just want to pass information and feelings in a smooth way. As in the song ‘Pass the Dutchie’ if you will. I guess thisis going to be called the A.P.C. book, which is fine by me. Still, I’ll insist on calling it Transmission since, in today’s world, things disappear in some suffocating digital space. I thought that an actual book would be good for this search for a past that could be so easily lost if not transmitted in printed matter.

The book is made of three parts: “Percept”, a series of collage from Jean Touitou’s life before A.P.C.; “Written material”, texts written by J.T. to help readers understand what A.P.C. is; and “Catalogue Raisonné”, a portfolio of almost everything that has been done by A.P.C..

The Transmission T-shirts is available alongside the book. There is a printed picture of Jean Touitou on it wearing a T from the American Garage band called “Kenny and the Kasuals” from 1977. Jean was selling their records at the time through his mail-order record shop “Road Runner”. A picture of merch, used as merch.  


/ by Xavier Bourgeois /


The new A.P.C. Louis W. collection explores the world of rebellion, called Soixante Huit, it references the late 60s, early 70s clothing worn by teenage demonstrators. Louis was particularly inspired by the aesthetic of the participants of the May ’68 riots in France, when the youth sought to claim their right to expression through asserting their individuality. 

The campaign is captured by Bruno Staub & three different boys were cast in order to convey the feeling of teenage camaraderie.

// MOTEL //

A.P.C. unveiled the new SS16 campaign captured by Collier Schorr with Xavier Buestel  & Steffy Argelich.


/ by M.M /

// MUSIC TEE by A.P.C. //

A.P.C. has a long association with music. A record label called A.P.C. (Section Musicale) was created soon after the brand’s inception and a recording studio was built at the head office at rue Madame in 1998. It is fitting that for Fall-Winter 2015 A.P.C. collaborate on a collection of print T-shirts with the following four musicians: Nicolas Godin, Étienne Daho, Paradis and Flavien Berger.


Available now in A.P.C. stores worldwide & on apc.fr.



/ by Michael Marson /

/ thanks to Sanel from Ulla Models /



Louis W. for A.P.C. has released a new short film “Comfort”, which revolves around a relationship involving two girls. The film, directed by Grant Curatola & Louis Levy, is inspired by François Truffaut’s classic 1962 hit Jules and Jim. “Comfort” stars Sasha Frolova, Zaga Skerletovic and Bruno Dicorci, all of whom have appeared in previous campaigns for Louis W. for A.P.C.